Mecca through my iPhone

I was lucky enough to visit Mecca last December. I needed a getaway and there is no better way to recharge than a spiritual reconnection with Allah at the holy grounds of Mecca.



I haven’t been to Mecca for more than 4 years, things have change drastically there. Invasion of high-rise buildings, and massive construction everywhere. The old Mecca and ancient markets around it were mostly gone. I wasn’t fond of the clock tower (the highest building in Saudi Arabia) but I have to admit that it is visually stunning.


Since photography isn’t allowed inside the Holy Mosque in Mecca, I used my iPhone to document the atmosphere inside and around the holy mosque.

Getting close to the Kaaba was really hard with the huge number of people performing pilgrimage




On the last day I saw the construction workers pray before starting their work day. Watching them was very touching.



Though it was a short trip and it was super crowded due to the massive expansion work at the holy mosque but I really came back full of energy.

Photos were taken with iPhone 5 and processed with VSCOCam