Have I told you about my trip to Sudan

It slipped my mind that I didn’t blog about my trip to Sudan earlier this year. Not in a million years I would have thought that I’ll spend new year’s eve listening to fireworks in Sudan!


Bahrain Jewelry in Sudan


The trip itself was very different from any of my previous trips. The country and the people are very unique.
I spent around a week in Khartoum in addition to Omdurman and other towns. I stayed in a small boutique hotel which had the best rating at trip advisor. Acropole hotel is owned by a Greek family who migrated to Sudan years ago and is now run by the 3 brothers and their wives and kids. I read many reviews about the hotel online and everyone was recommending it for the best customer service. I was really impressed by how caring the Greek family are to the guests.  I was really happy and felt very safe at the hotel. They really go out of their way to ensure the guests are safe and well taken care of. They also arranged to get a photography permit for me. Overall my stay at the hotel was very comfortable and friendly.

Here are some of my iPhone photos that I took during the trip


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