Istanbul Street Food!

Since day 1 I fell inlove with Istanbul despite the terrible traffic I told myself I’m gonna come here again soon!

Street Food in Istanbul is an interesting and delicious experience you can find everything from grilled fish to fresh fruit juices !

Let the food journey begin!!

My favorite fruit pomegranate I loved the fresh juice so tasty straight from the punch juicer!

you need good arms for this!!

Voila !!

Ofcourse its not only pomegranate here you can get Pineapples, oranges and grapefruit! 

Grilled fish straight from the sea!

Simit is the crispy ring bread – you find these almost everywhere in Istanbul 

Its also known as the “Turkish bagel”

Stuffed mussels

Again simit is everywhere!

I tried this cheese bread its so delicious ! Its like Lebanese Saj 

You can not miss the Turkish tea 

Having tea near Aya Sofia mosque 

Melons and other fruits!

This is like a donuts but crispy and covered in honey (Apologies the photo is shaky)

The most famous Turkish meal is the doner kebab (Shawarma)

 Cooking must haves!

Cheese and other stuff!

Care for apples?!

Heey What is that ?!!!

Home delivery!!

Say hi !

The best serving here in Istanbul is the smile :)

Photos copyright: Rasha Yousif