First day in Lisbon

I recently came back from an amazing trip to Portugal and Andalusia. The trip was originally planned to start in Porto but I had to cut Porto when I decided to go to Djibouti. I had less than a day to recover from from Djibouti trip only to return to the airport for the next adventure. I flew from Bahrain to Paris with Gulf Air and then boarded France Air for the next flight Paris/Lisbon. I was physically exhausted and drained emotionally after the Djibouti experience. I needed to quickly snap-out-of-it and Lisbon was the perfect place to do the job.


A bit of coffee to wake up. Laduree in Paris's Charles de Gaulle Airport
A bit of coffee to wake up. Laduree in Paris’s Charles de Gaulle Airport

I spent 3 “short” days in Lisbon but it was enough to make me fall in-love with the city. I was pleasantly surprised by everything in Portugal. The culture, the music, the vibe, the colors and oh did I mention the food!



Everything was just wonderful. The only thing that was kind of annoying was how crowded it was since I travelled on labor day holiday.

I’m loyal to Accor hotels (loyal to my points!) so I booked to stay in Novotel Lisboa. I was travelling on a budget so I used my points to book for my stay in Lisbon. I ended up paying around Euro 50 for my whole stay!

The location was a bit far from the local attractions but not too far from the airport. It was actually at the heart of the financial district. There was also a beautiful big mosque near the hotel. The good thing about Portugal is that it is relatively cheap. I cabbed almost everywhere.

Where do we begin ? Where do I begin? How do I explore this city?

I asked myself this when I checked in the hotel. Then I decided to see the city best at sunset. I googled “Best sunset views in Lisbon” and then I headed to Miradouro de Santa Luzia. The panoramic view of Lisbon and the sea were just stunning.


Panoramic view of Lisbon
Panoramic view of Lisbon


After watching the sunset I went to one of the nearby cafes for dinner. That was how I started and ended my first day in Lisbon. I have a lot to share. This was only a snippet of my trip. I’ll be sharing more soon.

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  • Heading to Portugal very soon, though it’s very much my second home. It’s a country I’ve been going to since I was 6 months old and my parents live there now. Portugal’s a beautiful country, I’ve been lucky enough to see it grow so much over the past 30 years. Lisbon’s a very different beast to the Algarve in the south. The people are all so friendly. I’ve never been to Porto, drove through it as a child waaay back in the day – definitely a city I need to go to soon.

    • rshrsho

      loved Lisbon and looking forward to revisiting soon. Hope you got to travel there :)