First attempt on Aperture

I finally made the big convert to Mac *YEEY* !!  I couldn’t wait any longer to buy the new MacBook Pro Retina display. I was speechless when I first opened the MacBook and saw the Retina display so vibrant and full of colors ! I’m still in the phase of getting used to the operating system and apps.

Since Adobe haven’t upgraded Lightroom and Photoshop to the new Retina system I was advised to use Aperture. My first impression of Aperture is “Not Bad, Not bad at all”. But I don’t see myself processing dozen photos at once using Aperture as I used to work on Lightroom for basic fixes and enhancement. Let’s see I might change my mind after getting used to Aperture!


Sharing a sunset photo of the Chinese Fishing Nets at Fort Cochin, Kerala

(Click on photo for higher resolution)



  • Congrats for the new machine. I believe it’s a big and right step towards the Mac environment. Aperture is great for real photographers, whom are not looking for much effects to play with the photos. Also, for me it looks much easier and practical for processing and managing your photos than Lightroom application.. just saying.

    I’m an old user of Mac since 96, and I’m sure you will like it, any help?

    • Thanks Sami. I totally agree real photographers don’t need to spend a lot of time processing its only meant for basic fixes. I’ve been using Lightroom for a while I’m used to it and I find Aperture quick and easy I guess I need to get used to the menu and stuff.
      About the Mac I should have done this shift long time back I have no idea why I was so attached to the old laptop !
      Thanks for the offer will let you know if I have any questions :)