2016 A year or Travel, Experience and Accomplishments

2016 has been a marvelous year, a year I will always remember for its accomplishments and getting over many implanted fears and phobias.


When I look back thinking what was the biggest achievement of the year and whether I reached my goals, I can’t think of a single event. I had my first solo exhibition, traveled to 50 countries which was my target (must think of a bigger goal now!), successfully led my first photo expedition to India, read 35 books, exhibited at the biggest photography forum in Saudi Arabia, touched different soils and experienced snowfall for the first time in my life.




Rasha vs. Ibn Battutah

2016 has been the most eventful year of my life, from throwing colors at Holi festival in India, backpacking the Caucasus crossing three borders by land, bullet train chasing Cherry Blossoms and running away from deer in Japan, sweating at a fitness bootcamp in Phuket Thailand, getting lost in Fez, visiting Ibn Battutah’s tomb in Tangier, snorkeling in Maldives, caffeinated my way across Italy then ending the year in snowy and soulful Konya watching dervishes whirl all night long. 365 days well spent.




The Tribe

This year I’ve gained so much, seen so much, smelled so much, experienced so much, photographed so much. But above all, I connected with so many people and cultures throughout the year. The tribe, my tribe is growing.


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Thank you Morocco for all the lessons I learned during this 10 day trip. I travelled hundreds of km (764 km to be exact) mostly with public transportation (train, bus and shared taxi). I met many interesting people from all around the world and made friends. I also had many ups and downs. I gained a lot of inspiration and knowledge during this trip. Also in my conclusion as a solo female traveler I wouldn't recommend traveling across Morocco alone (specially Fes and Tangier) even as a Muslim woman wearing hijab I would get harassed, cornered and didn't feel safe walking at night at all. I decided to officially learn kickboxing (I'm serious!) to feel safer traveling solo to male dominated societies. One day I will write a book and Morocco will have a whole chapter in it. My story with Morocco has not ended yet. اضغط على زر الترجمة تعبت ماقدر اكتب. #المغرب #morocco #rshmorocco #rashavsibnbattutah

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Thanks to everyone who helped make 2016 a great year to remember, thanks for the love, support, encouragement and for holding my hands or giving me a push when I needed to whether I asked for it or not. Also thanks to those who taught me many lessons on patience, tolerance, defending my rights, ethics, professionalism, hustling and on chasing my dreams. I’m a better person, a better human and better artist because of you.

 I can’t wait to see where 2017 will take me. I’m ready with wide open arms!



The journey continues

لا شيء يحدث بالصدفة”
“لا أحد يذهب الرحلة بدون سبب

مولانا جلال الدين الرومي

“Nothing happens by chance no one goes on a quest without a reason ”




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