100 hours in Djibouti

I just returned from an eye opening trip to Djibouti. I was invited by Bahraini youth society Ayadi Relief as a guest in their charity trip to Djibouti. The trip’ targets were: involving the youth in humanitarian and relief work, raising awareness about the Horn of Africa and the importance of relief and development projects. Some of the activities during the trip included distributing food aid to vulnerable villages, opening the water wells that were part of the World Water Day campaign held last year and building a playground for Ali Sabeeh school from recycled materials.

Though I’ve been to less privileged countries but I have never seen anything like Djibouti. The villages scattered in the desert are really cut from the rest of civilization. The volcanic nature of land makes the hear unbearable. The country lacks natural resources and is suffering from draught for the past couple of years.


I’ll share more photos from the trip soon.


Ayadi with Ali Sabeeh School students
Ayadi with Ali Sabeeh School students


One of our group member said a perfect description about this trip. “We visited Djibouti to give them relief but in fact they had given us relief in humanity”.

At AlRahma school
At AlRahma school


The campaign to Djibouti is ongoing. If you would like to donate please contact Ayadi or AlRahma through their websites.

Ayadi Relief