100 hours in Djibouti

I just returned from an eye opening trip to Djibouti. I was invited by Bahraini youth society Ayadi Relief as a guest in their charity trip to Djibouti. The trip’ targets were: involving the youth in humanitarian and relief work, raising awareness about the Horn of Africa and the importance of relief and development projects. Some of the activities during the trip included distributing food aid to vulnerable villages, opening the water wells that were part of the World Water Day campaign held last year and building a playground for Ali Sabeeh school from recycled materials.

Though I’ve been to less privileged countries but I have never seen anything like Djibouti. The villages scattered in the desert are really cut from the rest of civilization. The volcanic nature of land makes the hear unbearable. The country lacks natural resources and is suffering from draught for the past couple of years.


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Hello people!

I have recently started a collaboration with Localppl to offer cultural tours in Muharraq. I’ve introduced my very popular Muharraq Souq tour. In this tour I will share some of my favorite spots at the souq. Hopefully I will have more tours soon.

rasha muharraq


Do let me know what you would like to see in the future. Feedback is highly appreciated.

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973 flowers

We finally have a new online service available in Bahrain for online shopping of chocolates, gifts and flowers.


973flowers is a website that gathers medium to high-end florists, chocolatiers, bakeries and gift shops in Bahrain.


The whole process took only few minutes. I have to admit it took me more time to decide which flower bouquets to choose more than the whole ordering process. I really love lilies so I chose lilies on the wood from Fleur.

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Rice Bowl – Brunch review

At first I wasn’t sure how I would feel about having traditional breakfast at Rice Bowl restaurant. But then I was pleasantly surprised by the experience. rice bowl city center Rice Bowl started purely Asian and then they introduced a new menu that includes Mediterranean and Bahraini breakfast. We were three hungry girls so we ordered Um Fadi tray that includes eggs, labneh, humus, foul and falafel. We also added Saaj Qaimer with honey, samboosa, Mihyawa bread and balaleet. Everything was really good. The labneh was fresh, miyhawa bread was crispy and the balaleet was  perfectly sweetened.

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Opps they did it again! Cafe Lilou’s new menu

In a night of pure indulgence we were invited for the introduction of Café Lilou’s new menu.

The new menu was elegantly presented to us in a custom party theme!

Cafe Lilou

In no time my taste buds exploded with the beautiful combination of dishes that were perfectly presented to us.

(Click to enlarge photos)

Out of the salads we tasted I like the multi-grain salad topped with pistachio. I’m not sure what was the distinctive taste but there was definitely something special in its combination.

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Gulf Life’s Q&A

I’m very happy and honored to announce that I’m a contributor at Gulf Air’s inflight magazine “Gulf Life”.

As an introduction I was featured at Gulf Life’s issue last December’s Q&A section.



Gulf Life is the inflight magazine of Gulf Air and has a potential monthly readership of 600,000 people. It contains a wide-ranging mix of features relating to Gulf Air destinations worldwide, with a particular emphasis on the Gulf region and Middle East.

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