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Hello there!

I know I’ve been away from my blog for some time. If you are following me in Social Media you would understand how busy I was.

It has been an insane year so far, but I’m happy that I was extra productive. I was also lucky to receive a lot of media attention and meet wonderful people from all over the world.

Last October I was invited to be among Gulf Air’s first media trip to Moscow. The trip was on 28th October (a day after my birthday!). I was ecstatic to be among top editors from famous publications in Bahrain.

DSCF8193 Moscow

The 4 days we spent in Moscow were really magical. The best thing about travelling is making friends along the journey.

I will write a detailed post about Moscow. In the meantime here is Noor Toorani’s article in Gulf Daily News with my photos (yes I’m happy to see my photos in local newspapers!).

page12 Moscow


page13 Moscow




Processed with VSCOcam with a7 preset

Uptown Gourmet (Brunch review)

Another weekend and another brunch. This time we took a bit of a risk. We went to a place that we had no idea how the food will turn out. We found the account over instagram and we thought it looks interesting an underrated gem maybe.

uptown3 Uptown Gourmet (Brunch review)

I was the first to reach. I was worried that I’ll get lost (as usual) so I left home early and headed to Uptown Gourment. It is located just off exhibition road opposite to the famous Chetaura store.

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Oh baby lets Lensbaby!

For years I had Lensbaby sitting in my wish list. The reason it didn’t actually make it to the shopping cart because I was not sure if I needed it (Had other priorities!). I also had some concerns if it was practical and easy to handle. Though I’m a travel documentary photographer but I do take small photography “weekend” assignments from time to time to fund my trips. Lately I started doing more of family portraits and new born photography. One day during a baby photo-shoot I just couldn’t get the camera to focus on the close-up shot I had in mind. That moment I decided to actually buy the Lensbaby. Immediately I researched online prices then I started checking for offers at local stores. I found a good offer from Yaqoubi store in Seef Mall. The sales lady was good; she answered all of my questions. She also walked me through the whole process of installing the lens and playing with the different kit accessories. I wanted to buy the Lensbaby sweet 35 optic only but I ended up taking it with the whole accessories kit for a bargain!

Luckily I had some gorgeous roses to test the lens. I used VSCO presets for Lightroom to process the photos.

IMG 4739 Oh baby lets Lensbaby!

My new iPhone wallpaper

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Book Review: And the Mountains Echoed

16115612 Book Review: And the Mountains EchoedAnd the Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I listened to the audiobook (great decision) and I felt a bit disappointed and a lot confused. The book has way too many characters, listening to ALL of their stories was unnecessary. I liked how the narration is done by Khalid and 2 others (a woman and a man). I also liked the accent of the narrators (Afghani, French, etc) changed based on characters. I would have preferred if Khalid would have cut down some of the characters and focused on the main ones. I couldn’t connect with the characters because they were going and coming in chapters! The only parts that I really connected with were Pari and Abdulla’s childhood and Nila Wahdati’s days in Kabul.

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Roche cafe brunch

Roche Cafe Brunch

IMG 4835 0 Roche Cafe Brunch

Following a self-assigned mission to find the best brunch spots in Bahrain. We (Reem & I) visited Roche Café located in Adliya (The road in front of Siraj cafeteria).

I pinned the location to google maps for easy reference

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Doha through my iPhone

Earlier this month I was invited by Qatar Tourism Authority to Doha on the occasion of Doha Summer festival. It was a great opportunity to visit Doha and get to know the great projects underway. We visited Qatar Pearl, Katara, Souq Waqf, Qatar Foundation and the Museum of Islamic Art.

Katara Doha through my iPhone

Qatar has gone through a great transformation to improve their infrastructure for the world cup 2022. I was impressed how they have done so much in such a short period of time and still work on many projects.

The highlight of the trip is visiting Souq Waqf and chatting with the old men. I also loved Katara and I would love to visit it again especially in winter.

The Food was amazing and the people were really nice. We went to great restaurants like Burj AlHamam, L’wazar and Shebestan.

Here are some of my iPhone shots from the trip.

10632292 761255377268589 1534300350 n Doha through my iPhone10655065 1474133696201480 1922054149 n Doha through my iPhone10654932 755626351143032 468151305 n Doha through my iPhone10608151 294924124040930 1550486321 n Doha through my iPhone10525542 326529614187527 1347796987 n Doha through my iPhone926570 1490807927832818 502992888 n Doha through my iPhone10643820 689289021149353 1581037126 n Doha through my iPhone
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Chai Cafe

I’ve started a mission. A very important mission. To find the best brunch spots in Bahrain!

Though we have many options in town but I always end up going to the same usual cafe for brunch. I thought of making a list to try out new or existing cafes that serve brunch. My good friend Reem Tawfiqi is helping me in this mission.

Our first destination was Chai Cafe located in Sanabis infront of Bahrain mall (Geant). I found the location easily and parking was ample.

chai Chai Cafe

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Guerrilla Lighting

Last year I decided to learn how to use artificial light. By the end of the year I wanted to play with more light not just any light.. it was guerrilla light!

From a complete n00b I learned the basic functions of using a flash off the camera with the one and only David Hobby. From there I was extremely happy that at least I knew how to operate a speedlite!

I wanted to take it further and learn other techniques manipulating light so I took a workshop with Louis Pang. It was the first time in my life dealing with models, being totally in charge of directing the model and setting up the lights. Confusion, lots of blank moments but a lot of fun.

I shot these photos last year and I also retouched them a bit also last year. My style has changed since then as it was just an experiment. I’m still experimenting with lights but now I know that I like. I’m more into subtle sweet light that almost look like ambient. Glamour photography isn’t made for me (At least that’s what I think at this moment!).

Love them or hate them here comes the guerrilla light experiments!

IMG 7372 Edit 320x480 Guerrilla Lighting

IMG 7343 Edit 2 Guerrilla Lighting

IMG 7315 Edit Guerrilla Lighting

After the workshop I did more experiments with my friend Reem Tawfiqi at bab al Bahrain. She continues to be my favorite model of all time!

IMG 7974 Edit Guerrilla Lighting

Book Review: The Passionate Photographer by Steve Simon

11872427 Book Review: The Passionate Photographer by Steve SimonThe Passionate Photographer: Ten Steps Toward Becoming Great by Steven Simon

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the best investment you can make as a photographer whether you just bought your first camera or you are already on your way to becoming a full time photographer. I was lucky enough to attend Steve Simon’s the passionate photographer workshop in Dubai and reading this book I could relate to Steve’s stories and advices. The book is written in a very clear language (no complicated stuff here!). Steve walks the readers through the 10 steps to becoming a great photographer. It just makes sense to follow those 10 steps as an exercise to develop your style. I made so many notes and I intend to read this book again when I feel uninspired and be back on track!

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