Foundry photojournalism workshop in Bali

I finally made it to the Foundry photojournalism workshop in Bali. I have been eyeing it for years but I never managed to squeeze it in my busy calendar. This year I was determined to make […]


Mostar: Prettiest of them all

I previously shared my first blog post about my trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina . Let’s continue the Balkan journey with a road trip from Sarajevo to Mostar.   Mostar is around 2 hours drive south of Sarajevo. Sitting at the passenger’s […]


Bosnia – Heaven on earth

An unexpected and unplanned trip turned to one of my favorite travel adventures of the year. I was invited to visit Bosnia and Croatia by Velvet life, a highly personalized luxury travel boutique based in Bosnia. There are a number […]


Egypt – Um Al Donya –

Commonly known to all Arabs as Um AlDonya (mother of the world) is one of the oldest civilizations that is Egypt.     I visited Egypt last summer for the first time in my life. […]


An interview with Project pen (in Arabic) مشروع قلم

من أجمل اللقاءات اللي نشرت لي. استمتعت بقراءة اللقاء واتمنى ان تستمتعون بقراءته لقائي مع مشروع قلم


First day in Lisbon

I recently came back from an amazing trip to Portugal and Andalusia. The trip was originally planned to start in Porto but I had to cut Porto when I decided to go to Djibouti. I had […]


Meat Co.

Regardless of how many new steak houses opening up in Bahrain, I don’t think any of them stand a chance to take over Meat co’s place as the most popular destination for meat lovers in the island. I visited The […]


Have I told you about my trip to Sudan

It slipped my mind that I didn’t blog about my trip to Sudan earlier this year. Not in a million years I would have thought that I’ll spend new year’s eve listening to fireworks in Sudan!   […]


100 hours in Djibouti

I just returned from an eye opening trip to Djibouti. I was invited by Bahraini youth society Ayadi Relief as a guest in their charity trip to Djibouti. The trip’ targets were: involving the youth in […]



Hello people! I have recently started a collaboration with Localppl to offer cultural tours in Muharraq. I’ve introduced my very popular Muharraq Souq tour. In this tour I will share some of my favorite spots at the souq. […]


973 flowers

We finally have a new online service available in Bahrain for online shopping of chocolates, gifts and flowers. 973flowers is a website that gathers medium to high-end florists, chocolatiers, bakeries and gift shops in Bahrain. The whole process […]


Rice Bowl – Brunch review

At first I wasn’t sure how I would feel about having traditional breakfast at Rice Bowl restaurant. But then I was pleasantly surprised by the experience. Rice Bowl started purely Asian and then they introduced a new […]


Updated website

I just published two photography sets to my website. Huna Falasteen (Palestine) and AlQuds (Jerusalem).  


Opps they did it again! Cafe Lilou’s new menu

In a night of pure indulgence we were invited for the introduction of Café Lilou’s new menu. The new menu was elegantly presented to us in a custom party theme! In no time my taste buds exploded with […]


Gulf Life’s Q&A

I’m very happy and honored to announce that I’m a contributor at Gulf Air’s inflight magazine “Gulf Life”. As an introduction I was featured at Gulf Life’s issue last December’s Q&A section.     Gulf Life […]